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This page contains answers to common questions we have been asked.



How do I order?

You can order from us either by compiling a list of issues you want by copying and pasting and creating a file that you can email to us at lwalker@magazinehouse.us.

Or you can print a copy of our order form from the "Ordering Info" section on our home page, fill it out with the issues you want and send it to us via "snail mail."

Our mailing address is Magazine House, PO Box 36, La Pine, OR  97739 (also listed in the "Contact Us" section of our home page.

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Where can I find western magazines ?

Western magazines are difficult to find locally. They can occasionally be found in used book stores, flea markets and garage sales. Recent back issues of True West and Wild West  are available from the publishers.

Magazine House has back issues of these and many other western magazines, including out-of-print titles. See the "Price Lists" page for lists of available issues.

We also maintain in our archives a complete set of western magazines that are available to authors and researchers for copying specific articles from issues not in our inventory.

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Why doesn't this site have the shopping cart feature ?

This is a new Web site. We may become a full e-commerce site later on.

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Who is Magazine House ?

This question is answered on our "About Us" page in the articles "How We Got Started" and "The Magazine Man."

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What is a western magazine?

This question is answered in detail in my article "Western Magazines--an Overlooked Source of Western History." You can find the article on our "Research Info" page.

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Are these original issues or copies?

All of the magazines in our price lists are original issues, except for Hunter's Frontier Times, which are reprints published by Western Publications, former publisher of True West (1953-1999), Old West (1964-1999) and Frontier Times (1957-1985).

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