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Our Unique Marketing Program:

Our wholesale program assortments include a wide variety of nonfiction western magazines at wholesale prices to grocery stores, truck stops and other retail locations that sell to truckers, tourists and the general public. Many of these magazines are not available on the newsstand, and include more reading material and less advertising at a much lower cost than most current magazines.

We can vary the selection of magazines included in each assortment based on what sells best for you, and offer free replacement or credit for any magazines that do not sell.

Since you deal directly with us with no middlemen, we are able to offer a much higher profit margin than distributors of current newsstand issues. There are no contracts, commitments or hidden costs. Our marketing program is based on a simple concept with a proven track record.

See our flyer for more details and other advantages of our unique marketing program.

To introduce our program, we offer a truly risk-free trial offer—a sample assortment of 40 magazines with display box for $59.00 and no shipping cost.
No payment is due unless/until you reorder.

Display Options:

  1. Display Box - 9 x 12 inch white cardboard box with display back. It holds about 25 - 50 magazines.

  2. 3-Tier Clear Plastic Display Rack - For maximum display in limited space, (dimensions 5" deep x 9" wide x 13" high) this rack can be freestanding or mounted on a wall or divider. It holds about 25 magazines. Drop shipped from our supplier.

  3. Counter Spinner Rack – This 2-basket, 8-pocket display has a round base (14 inch diameter) counter space. Drop shipped from our supplier.

  4. Spinner Rack –This 12-pocket spinner rack holds at least 100 magazines (20 inch diameter base). Drop shipped from our supplier.

  5. Heavy Duty Spinner Rack – This 4-basket, 16-pocket spinner rack holds at least 100 magazines and has a heavy, 16 inch diameter, round base for maximum stability. Drop shipped from our supplier.

  6. Wire Display Stand - This 20 pocket, 10-tier wire display stand holds at least 100 magazines with minimal space requirement (18.5 x 21.3 inches). It needs no assembly, is lightweight and easy to move. Drop shipped from our supplier.

We provide headers for every display option to advertise the magazines and prominently display the special $2.99 suggested retail price.